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Light-cured implants as a universal solution for treatment of complex bone fractures

For decades, customizable light-cured composites has been a concept often used in dentistry. In this project, the technology will be transferred and applied in surgical use for fixation of bone fractures. Biomedical Bonding’s (BMB) high-strength and biocompatible Bonevolent™ composite will enable implants that can adapt to each individual fracture, regardless of the shape of the bone or complexity of the fracture. BMB will collaborate with Ivoclar – a global leader in dental products, who will modify equipment that are currently used in dental repair to make them better fit surgical procedures. The project partner RISE Research Institutes of Sweden – experts in medical device testing, will validate the products towards the requirements set out on the medical devices.


Project partners: Biomedical Bonding (lead), Ivoclar Vivadent Manufacturing GmbH, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


Co-funded by Eureka Eurostars via Vinnova

AdhFix - Light-cured composite plates for fixing complicated hand fractures

In this project, Biomedical Bonding will be collaborating with hand surgery specialists and experts in medical device testing to develop our product Bonevolent™ AdhFix from a research prototype to a medical device ready for clinical trials. AdhFix is particularly needed in hand surgery, where complex fractures often cause complications that impair the mobility and function of the patient's hand. The adaptability, smooth shape and biocompatible surface of an AdhFix implant have demonstrated features that can minimize these complications and be of great benefit for the patient.


Project partners: Biomedical Bonding (lead), Stockholm South General Hospital, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Co-funded by Vinnova Swelife Medtech4Health


BoneFix is a revolutionary new bone fixation and repair system that addresses the current challenges in surgical interventions for hard tissue repair. The BoneFix concept is about utilizing the great potential of light-cured materials in surgery and consists of three domains including a hydrogel based scaffold for regeneration of bone, a bone-like adhesive composite patch for fracture fixation and an anti-bacterial hydrogel coating to avoid surgical site infections. The light-cured domains can be interconnected via the light-curing process and provide a complete bone restoration treatment.


Project partners: Biomedical Bonding, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (lead), AO Research Institute, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Bergen, MINES Saint Etienne, Karolinska Institute


Funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952150

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