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New Patent Approval!


BMB has secured a strong position in novel resin-based implants via granted patents in Europe and pending approval of patents in other key regions.

​The Patents protect the company's core technology, Bonevolent® in several aspects and it is used to innovate implant applications.

​It has been a key priority to reach these milestones to secure the foundation of the company’s goal of being a leader in this new field of implant solutions and lay ground for future expansion.

BMB is moving to new premises!


BMB secures new R&D facilities at Greenhouse labs, GHL.

The new address is located at KTH Royal Institute of Technology main campus in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our CEO, Prof. Michael Malkoch, further explains: This move is logical and will provide BMB with the necessary infrastructure available at KTH to further develop our Bonevolent® products.

Promising results for our Bonevolent™ technology as adhesion barrier coating.


Preclinical in vivo study. DendroPrime avoided tissue-adhesions and overgrowth to improve joint mobility and alleviate plate removal. Important findings on our path towards better fracture treatments.

A fruitful research collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Södersjukhuset and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, funded by Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova).

BMB - FET Proactive, EU HORIZON 2020


We are happy to be part of the future of bone healing!

Biomedical Bonding AB (BMB) has been granted financing from the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020 to develop future bone healing implants. The €4M funding will enable a consortium of BMB, Nordic universities and healthcare and AO Research Institute to develop new material approaches and concepts for better treatment alternatives and enhanced bone healing. The project follows our vission of creating personalized treatments via customizable adhesive implants and will lead to further technological breakthroughs.

BMB - Vinnova


The Swedish government support a R&D project with focus on BMB’s Bonevolent® technology. The funded project comprises 4 partners: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm South General Hospital, RISE Research institutes of Sweden and Biomedical Bonding.

​"This funding will allow us to develop and properly assess our tissue-friendly implant technology, both from safety and performance aspect. The project will end in early 2022 and by then we should have the commercialization prospective ready for launch." - Michael Malkoch, CEO of BMB

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Swelife – For a competitive life science ecosystem in Sweden

Swelife is a strategic innovation programme, funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, and by the programme’s partners. We support collaboration within academia, industry and healthcare, with the goal to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health.

Medtech4Health is pushing for more medtech ideas and solutions to be implemented and be beneficial. Working together with healthcare, academia and the business world, we create value for patients and a strengthened medical technology industry. Medtech4Health is funded by the government through Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova.

Successful long-term safety and performance study completed on Bonevolent™ - AdhFix


BMB is happy to announce the completion of its one year safety and performance study of Bonevolent™- AdhFix on rodant. The study was conducted in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, South Stockholm General Hospital and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

"The results were much anticipated and AdhFix performed over our expectation. This is the final milestone prior to any clinical verification and well aligned with our activities."
- Michael Malkoch, CEO of BMB

IPR - New Patent Application


Biomedical Bonding AB has in December 2019 submitted a new patent application that relates to adhesive technology for hard tissue fixations. The application focus is on the formation of strong crosslinked networks via click chemistry.

"With this patent application submitted, BMB has further fortified the IPR of its unique and biologically non-offensive adhesive platform suited for fracture fixation and restoration of bone bones as well as for dentistry."
- Prof. Michael Malkoch, CEO of BMB

Adhfix is verified by handsurgeons!


Our adhesive fixators, as future standard-of-care fracture solutions, were translated to clinical use on human cadaver substrates. The fixating prototype AdhFix were verified by our surgeons at SÖS in Stockholm with great success. The outcome will soon be disseminated.



Biomedical Bonding AB is happy to announce that it has secured the trademark BONEVOLENT® for the European market.


1. Bone fixation implants; Osseous implants; Artificial bone materials; Bone void fillers consisting of artificial materials; Bone substitutes for surgical use; Apparatus for use in the repair of bones; Surgical instruments.

2. Synthetic material for use in setting bones; Surgical glues; Adhesive compositions for medical use; Dental restoration compounds; Dental materials for stopping the teeth; Dental bonding material; Teeth filling material.

For more information contact Michael Malkoch, CEO of Biomedical Bonding AB, at

A new generation of smart fracture fixation materials


Each year millions of people in EU and US suffer from complicated fractures that require surgery and fracture fixation. Today´s standard of care regarding fracture fixation comprises of drilling in healthy bone followed by fixation with metal screws and plates. BMB has developed a new generation of smart adhesive materials that has many advantages compared to metal plates and screws. Every fracture is unique and by using BMB´s fixation materials the surgeons can now customize the fixation according to need without relying on prefabricated metal plates.

The new generation of fixation materials also addresses the high frequency of re-operations associated with certain types of fractures, e.g., hand fractures. BMB´s vision is to prevent unnecessary adverse events for the patient. This will, in turn, save costs and resources to the healthcare and society. The new publication in Advance Materials show that BMB´s fixation material is superior an has the potential to outrank current techniques.

Seal of Excellence - EU


Our fracture fixator technology AdhFix was awarded Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for its high level of excellence and the potential impact.

Taking aim at the Dentistry Market


Once again, BMBs innovative technology has been displayed on the National Swedish Television and to the general public. BMBs focus its adhesive products and methods for bone fracture and restoration market. However, it is enviable that they find use in a complementary markets and in this case in dentistry.

BMBs patented fixation products are unique, biocompatible and preclinically evaluated. The recently secured compositions has a fixation power to human teeth that outperform commercially used dental materials

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