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Investing in the Future of 

Fracture treatments

the company

BMB is a Swedish MedTech company that develops cutting-edge medical adhesive and composite fixators as well as novel surgical methodologies with focus on the ever-growing market of hard tissue restorations. The technological platform, Bonevolent™, is market disruptive and stands for a paradigm shift in personalized surgical interventions suited for human and veterinary orthopedic as well as dental restoration markets. It is based on more than a decade of intensive research with ca €10M in academic funding and protected through four patent families consisting of 14 patents.


To date, the standard-of-care solutions for the treatment of complex fractures relies on implantable metal fixators including screws, plates, pins.


Due to the rigid and pre-shaped design of metal implants, the clinical community is in dire need for alternative treatments and are on the lookout for universal fixators that allows the surgeons to patient-personalize the fixation of complex fractures during the surgical intervention. Composite and adhesive fixators have since long been suggested as game changing treatment options for bone fixation and restorations. Unfortunately, no viable solutions have emerged due to technological barriers such as poor adhesion, biocompatibility issues or an inadequate fixation methodology.


BMB’s technological platform, Bonevolent™, has overcome current issues and is ready to champion the transition for adhesive composite solutions that function on bones as well as teeth in surgical environments.

Vision and mission


BMB is to become a dominant global provider of customizable adhesive and composites products that can replace or complement current standard-of-care products for hard tissue repair.


BMB’s ambition is to provide products with emphasis on personalized implantable solutions for increased patient safety, saving costs and resources for health care and society as a whole.

ageing population

“Globally, the number of older persons aged 60 years or over is expected to more than double from 841 million people in 2013 to more than 2 billion in 2050”.


United Nation Population Ageing Report 2013

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