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Investing in the Future of 

Fracture treatments

It all It all started when surgeons from the Karolinska University Hospital reached out to our founder, Professor Michael Malkoch, and asked for help. Influenced by their testimonies we became committed to overcome the challenges and set forward a new era of material innovation.


Our business model and innovative product addresses the urgent need to ensure well-being and health according to the global united nations sustainable development goals. In addition, the human internal fixation market is today a 9.3B dollar industry and the compound annual growth rate is approximately 10%. The threats of substitutes are low - today, buyers have no option to switch from current state of art (Technavio 2022) which is known for its high rate of complications. However, BMB is about to change that.


BMB’s ambition is to provide products with emphasis on personalized implantable solutions for increased patient safety, saving costs and resources for health care and society as a whole.


BMB has a strong IPR portfolio based on 4 patent families, including 15 secure patents and complemented with comprehensive know-how of material, manufacturing, regulations, marketing and sales.


Join us on this journey. Together, we are leading a paradigm shift in bone restoration surgeries.


Do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Founder Michael Malkoch


Greenhouse Labs, GHL Teknikringen 38 A

114 28 Stockholm, Sweden

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