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Technology & Innovation

Unique adhesive technology empowered by click chemistry

Our Bonevolent™ technology capitalizes on a unique set of materials with an unprecedented combination of strength, biocompatibility and adaptability.


The composite resins are formulated with benign components that selectively and efficiently react with each other in a physiological environment without affecting surrounding tissues. ​


The resins are solidified into strong composite materials on-command in seconds with benign high-intensity visible light, similar to light-cured dental resins.

Our material platform is the enabler of adhesive based procedures in fracture treatment and a new era of innovative surgical products will spread on the market for decades to come. ​


A paradigm shift centered around on-fracture-site customizable fixators. Its simplicity provides surgeons with earlier unmet freedom-to-operate to master each individual fracture independent of complexity.

For a better outcome, for a continued active life


Patient-friendly fixation with bone-like character, faster recovery, efficiently back to daily life, improved outcome and maintained life quality.


Our user-friendly resin technology enables a new era of customized bone restoration surgeries that can be translated to minimally invasive strategies, increased freedom for surgeons and improved success rate of surgeries.


Our technology can reduce the enormous burden arising from complications related to osteosynthesis and other bone restorations.


An unmet need

Every year an excessive number of surgeries burden the society due to the need of removal of orthopedic implants. Hardware removal is today the fourth most common orthopedic surgery.

The invasive surgical insertion of metal implants often results in post-surgical complications that cause patient suffering and heavy load on the hospitals.

Clinicians have confirmed the need and the potential of our technology - a battery of medical applications have been identified.

Our Bonevolent™ resins present exceptional biocompatibility and enables on-site personalized implants, shaped for each individual fracture.



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The Technology provides further possibilities

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