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Handsome scientist making research over dna molecule structure


Our Bonevolent technology capitalizes on a unique set of materials with an unprecedented combination of strength, biocompatibility and adaptability.

The composite resins are formulated with benign components that selectively and efficiently react with each other in a physiological environment without affecting surrounding tissues.

The resins are solidified into strong composite materials on-command in seconds with benign high-intensity visible light, similar to light-cured dental resins.

For a better outcome, for a continued active life

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Our material platform is the enabler of adhesive based procedures in fracture treatment and a new era of innovative surgical products will spread on the market for decades to come.

A paradigm shift centered around on-fracture-site customizable fixators. Its simplicity provides surgeons with earlier unmet freedom-to-operate to master each individual fracture independent of complexity.

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