Team Meeting

Michael Malkoch Chairman and CEO

Professor and a self-made entrepreneur with extensive experience in start-up companies taking cuttingedge nanomaterials from the research stage to commercialisation and global sales. Has a broad understanding of scaling innovations from micrograms to kilograms in an array of sectors ranging from diagnostics and MedTech, to Pharma and semiconductor industries. His track record includes striking deals with large enterprises including MedTech and big Pharma.



Viktor Granskog  CTO

Viktor has invented the core of BMB’s patent portfolio and propels the innovation and development of tissue adhesive technology. His knowledge includes biomedical adhesives based on thiol-ene chemistry with main focus on fracture fixations, especially AdhFix, spanning molecular composition and device development regarding sterilisation, mixing, safety and surgical methodology.


        Daniel Malkoch        CMO

Sales and communications manager with a chemical engineering background at KTH. Daniel has extensive experience in product marketing and as a sales manager of technical products with exceptional records. His track record includes developing a SME to a major player on the national market and increasing annual revenues by product sales optimization and securing important contracts


Catrin Molund

Catrin Molund has a degree from Uppsala University and over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry from companies such as Senzime, Orexo, Phadia, Amersham Biosciences and Pyrosequencing. Positions include roles as VP Global Marketing & Business Development, IT Director, International Marketing and Project Management. She has a track record of heading marketing strategies, global product launches and international sales. Her experience also covers design and implementation of licensing and distribution agreements as well as business development strategies


Lena Söderström

Lena Söderström has a Bachelor of Medical Science and an Executive MBA from Uppsala University. Lena has thirty years of experience in management positions from international pharmaceutical companies and the medical device industry. Her broad range of experience includes positions with people and project management, business development, international marketing and manufacturing. She has been the CEO of Senzime, Isconova and Kibion and she is member of the board of Uppsala university Invest AB, Dicot AB, Agricam AB and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Lena is also the chairman of the board for SLU Holding and Inficure Bio AB.

Mattias Ohrlander.jpg

Mattias Ohrlander, COO

He has over 20 years’ experience in research and development, commercialisation, business development as well as regulatory and IP affairs in the life sciences with focus on medical devices. He is the founder of two business development companies, has grown an SME from 3 to 50 employees and has been responsible or directly involved in the development and commercialisation of more than 10 medical devices that have successfully reached the market.