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Notice of Allowance - patent protection US

Biomedical Bonding AB has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The unique formulation enables strong adhesion between substrates and the primer is an important part of BMB’s Bonevolent™ technology that allows surgeons to do on-site customizable bone fracture fixations.

This patent will broaden our IP protection in key geographical areas. It is an important strategic step for us when introducing our appreciated novel Bonevolent™ technology to the US market, comments Evelina Mikaelson CEO Biomedical Bonding AB

For more information, please contact:

Evelina Mikaelson CEO

Biomedical Bonding AB

Phone: +46 763 422 824



Biomedical Bonding AB is a Swedish MedTech company that develops cutting-edge medical adhesive fixators and novel surgical methodologies with focus on the ever-growing market of hard tissue restorations. The technological platform, Bonevolent™, is market disruptive and stands for a paradigm shift in personalized surgical interventions. BMB´s vision is to become the dominant global provider of unique adhesive products suited for fracture fixation and dental restoration market. BMB´s Bonevolent™ products are easy-to-use by clinicians, will increase patient safety, save costs and resources for health care and society as a whole. BMB is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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