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Biomedical Bondings cutting edge implant solution AdhFix published in Advanced Functional Materials

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Press release: Biomedical Bondings AdhFix product can personalize patient care of complex fractures by applying a composite instead of using standard plates. The published result highlights the broad potential of AdhFix for complex fractures including shattered bones.

AdhFix is a two-component fluid that hardens in seconds on command using a dental LED-lamp, minimizing the metal hardware in patients that often leads to complications. It is a bone-like implant with a repellent feature that eliminate problematic soft tissue ingrowth. The product has been developed together with surgeons and is acknowledged for its user-friendliness and the freedom it gives to fixate a wide range of fractures from simple to complex. AdhFix is ready for commercialization and BMB aims to enter the veterinary market in 2022 and the human market by 2024.

“AdhFix is one of the most exciting and pioneering products proposed for orthopedic use. Today successful treatment of patients is restricted by available implants in the inventory. AdhFix has shown its potential to be used as a universal bone-like product allowing surgeons to make personalized fixations without being limited or bound to specific shapes and sizes of metal plates. The result in this specific paper shows how complex bone fractures and current untreatable conditions can be fixated”, says Founder and CEO, Prof. Michael Malkoch.

The orthopedic market is a growing sector due to an increasing population worldwide where the Standard-of-Care (SoC) fixator segment will reach € 12.7B in 2023, with an 8% CAGR. SoC fracture fixation relies mainly on screw and plate implants. Current solutions are in great need for transformation into more agile and individual specific solutions with three major challenges:

I) fixation of complex bone fragments that require customized treatment

II) current methods with screws and plates often lead to soft tissue complications, causing patient pain and disability requiring reoperations

III) hospitals currently have large inventory of screws, plates and pins to cover different sizes and types. AdhFix provides “one-product-fits-all” by design.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Malkoch, Founder and CEO

Phone: +46 (0) 8 121 56 755


Biomedical Bonding AB aims to introduce a new paradigm in bone fracture and restoration surgery via our composite resin technology Bonevolent™. With customizable implant treatments focused on tissue-friendliness and safety, we want to improve the surgical outcome and enhance the patient life quality. Its simplicity provides surgeons with earlier unmet freedom-to-operate to master each individual fracture independent of complexity. BMB is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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