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Biomedical Bonding establishes collaboration with New Zealand Clinic VetCare

News release: Biomedical Bonding expands its Bonevolent™ composite bone fracture fixators to include animal care. The Company has initiated a collaboration with VetCare in New Zealand to validate the performance of its innovative plating fixator product AdhFix targeting fractures in small animals. The product enables patient personalized surgical treatments for the fixation of complex fractures and replaces the use of regular pre-shaped metal plates.

The AdhFix product is a bone-like plate implant that hardens in seconds, using a specific LED-lamp, to fixate simple and complex fractures. The product has been preclinically evaluated and developed together with surgeons for human use. The Company is now expanding its market by validating the product, together with BVSc Heidi Ward-McGrath at VetCare in New Zealand, for its usability to treat complex bone fractures in small animals. AdhFix is ready for commercialization and BMB aims to make the product available for veterinary use in 2023 and for human orthopedics by 2025.

"We are excited to embark on this journey together with Veterinarians that has identified the need to replace metal plate products. This is of special importance for small animals where shattered or small bone fractures have no viable solutions”, says Founder and CEO, Prof. Michael Malkoch.

The veterinary orthopedic market is estimated to grow from USD 0.49 billion in 2020 to USD 0.93 billion in 2028, corresponding to a CAGR of 8.3 percent (Global Veterinary Orthopedics Market Size Report, 2021-2028,

About Heidi Ward-McGrath:

Dr Heidi has been an orthopaedic surgeon for 21 years and has received the healthy companion animal research grant for NZ 2018. Dr Heidi presented her prior research on pet putty at the World Vet Conference 2020. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact: Michael Malkoch, CEO and Founder Phone: +46 (0) 8 121 56 755 E-mail: Homepage:


Biomedical Bonding AB is a platform based Swedish MedTech company that develops cutting-edge medical adhesive fixators and novel surgical methodologies with focus on the ever-growing market of hard tissue restorations. The technological platform, Bonevolent™, is market disruptive and stands for a paradigm shift in personalized surgical interventions. BMB´s vision is to become the dominant global provider of unique adhesive products suited for fracture fixation and dental restoration market. BMB´s Bonevolent™ products are easy-to-use by clinicians, will increase patient safety, save costs and resources for health care and society as a whole. BMB is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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