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A new generation of smart fracture fixation materials

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Each year millions of people in EU and US suffer from complicated fractures that require surgery and fracture fixation. Today´s standard of care regarding fracture fixation comprises of drilling in healthy bone followed by fixation with metal screws and plates. BMB has developed a new generation of smart adhesive materials that has many advantages compared to metal plates and screws. Every fracture is unique and by using BMB´s fixation materials the surgeons can now customize the fixation according to need without relying on prefabricated metal plates.

The new generation of fixation materials also addresses the high frequency of re-operations associated with certain types of fractures, e.g., hand fractures. BMB´s vision is to prevent unnecessary adverse events for the patient. This will, in turn, save costs and resources to the healthcare and society. The new publication in Advance Materials show that BMB´s fixation material is superior an has the potential to outrank current techniques.

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