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DendroPrime is an innovative coating product to clinically used medical implants. It has been identified by surgeons as an unique and attractive solutions that add value to currently used implants.


The DendroPrime has a non-stick feature that eliminate problematic soft tissue and tendon ingrowth. Tissue ingrowth strongly decreases mobility and rehabilitation of patients, often requires reoperation with increased suffering of patients and societal burdening.


Due to its bone-like properties, the DendroPrime also act as a implant cloaking product decreasing patients awareness of alienated metal plates and screws. The products will be available in two configurations:

DendroPrime -  Coatings with bone-like and tissue repellent features

+ Just add coating

+ Low discomfort

+ Added value to existing implants

POST-COATED DendroPrime: Product available for instant customization by surgeons after traditional metal plate fixation.   

PRE-COATED DendroPrime: Product pre-coated on commercially available metal implants together with partners and prior to fixation.

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