BMB adhesive technology is unique and will revolutionize fracture treatments, making life easier for humans.

Every year an excessive number of surgeries burden the society due to the need of removal of orthopedic implants. Hardware removal is today the fourth most common orthopedic surgery.


The gold standard of invasive surgical insertion of metal implants often results in post-surgical complications that cause patient suffering and heavy load on the hospitals.


The adhesive technology of BMB reaches a new level in implant practice that improves surgical and long-term outcomes and increases the life-quality of the patients.

Press release:

Promising results for our Bonevolent® technology as adhesion barrier coating.

Our DendroPrime concept was used by hand surgeons to reduce tissue-adhesions to metal plates in a preclinical in vivo study.

The broad scope of business opportunities in the bone fracture market is expected to result in a product port­folio where opportunities and risks are spread over several product life cycles, several customers/partners and several market segments.
Clinical users have confirmed the needs and the potential of FRAP technology and a battery of potential medical applications have been identified
It has been shown that BMBs adhesives have exceptional biocompatibility non-cytotoxic and non-genotoxic and did not provoke skin irritation nor inflammation.


As Patient

Patient-friendly fixation with bone-like adhesive, shorter hospital stay, fewer lost working days as well as reduced rehabilitation time.

As Surgeon

Our user-friendly adhesive technology enables a new era of customized bone restoration surgeries that can be translated to minimally invasive strategies, thus increasing the success rate for the surgeons and reduce post-surgical complications.

As Society

BMB technology can reduce the enormous burden arising from complications related to osteosynthesis, failure of bone and other bone restorations.

Our Vision

Biomedical Bonding AB aims to introduce a new paradigm in fracture and bone restoration surgery on the global market, that minimizes recovery time, post-surgical complications and patients discomfort.

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