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Michael Malkoch


Professor and a self-made entrepreneur with extensive experience in start-up companies taking cuttingedge nanomaterials from the research stage to commercialisation and global sales. Has a broad understanding of scaling innovations from micrograms to kilograms in an array of sectors ranging from diagnostics and MedTech, to Pharma and semiconductor industries. His track record includes striking deals with large enterprises including Medtech and big Pharma.

Expertise: Foot Surgery

Viktor Granskog.jpg

Viktor Granskog

Chief Technology Officer

Viktor has invented the core of BMB’s patent portfolio and propels the innovation and development of tissue adhesive technology. His knowledge includes biomedical adhesives based on thiol-ene chemistry with main focus on fracture fixations, especially AdhFix, spanning molecular composition and device development regarding sterilisation, mixing, safety and surgical methodology.

Expertise: Foot Surgery

Daniel Malkoch.jpg

Daniel Malkoch

Chief Market Officer

Sales and communications manager with a chemical engineering background at KTH. Daniel has extensive experience in product marketing and as a sales manager of technical products with exceptional records. His track record includes developing a SME to a major player on the national market and increasing annual revenues by product sales optimization and securing important contracts.

Expertise: Foot Surgery

Ulrik Birgersson.jpg

Ulrik Birgersson

Chief Medical Affairs Officer

Ulrik Birgersson has a PhD from Karolinska Institutet and have over fifteen years' experience from the life science industry with a focus on pre-clinical and clinical studies and trial applications, including administration of applications and reporting to and communication with medical agencies such as, for example, the American pharmaceutical authority, the FDA. Prior to joining Biomedical Bonding, Ulrik was Director Clinical and Medical Affairs at OssDsign AB and Director of Clinical Engineering at SciBase AB.

Expertise: Foot Surgery