FRAP is an innovative and complete bone-like product that will increase the success-rate of fracture surgeries, independent of complexity. It is developed “by surgeons in a customizable “bottom-up; on-surgical-site” fashion to fixate bone fractures.


The product has excellent soft tissue compatibility and provide topological support to fractures without the need of harsh mechanical drilling fixation procedures that, typically accompanied with current metal plates and screws treatments.



AdhFix can adapt to any bone shape and possess high load-bearing properties. As an implant, AdhFix takes leverage of mechanical fixators and eliminate the use of metal plates.

The product is a, patient friendly, bone-like implant with excellent compatibility to soft tissue thereof minimizing the adverse effect associated to Standard-of-Care metal implants.



DendroPrime is a an innovative coating product with added value to clinically used Standard-of-Care metal fixators.

The DendroPrime provides bone-like and superior soft tissue compatibility to current metal implants. Excellent by decreasing the rehabilitation time and thereof patient suffering as well as societal burdening.


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