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by Biomedical Bonding

Bonevolent™ is a medical adhesive and composite platform technology suited for hard tissue treatments. It has been developed together with clinicians and dentists to outperform current standard-of-care solutions.


To date, the standard-of-care solutions for the treatment of complex fractures relies on implantable metal fixators including screws, plates, pins.


Due to the rigid and pre-shaped design of metal implants, the clinical community is in dire need for alternative treatments and are on the lookout for universal fixators that allows the surgeons to patient-personalize the fixation of complex fractures during the surgical intervention. Composite and adhesive fixators have since long been suggested as game changing treatment options for bone fixation and restorations. Unfortunately, no viable solutions have emerged due to technological barriers such as poor adhesion, biocompatibility issues or an inadequate fixation methodology.


BMB’s technological platform, Bonevolent™, has overcome current issues and is ready to champion the transition for adhesive composite solutions that function on bones as well as teeth in surgical environments.

Bonevolent Adhfix™ 


AdhFix can adapt to any bone shape and possesses high load-bearing properties. As an implant, AdhFix takes leverage of mechanical fixators and eliminate the use of metal plates. The product has excellent compatibility to soft tissue, thereof minimizing adverse effects associated to standard-of-care metal plates.

Biocompatible, strong and tissue-friendly fixator

Patient personalized composite fixators with bone-like features

No need for re-operation due to post-surgical soft-tissue adhesion

On-demand, on-site (curing light, 5 sec pulses)

Follows the shape of the bone with capability to fixate complex shattered fractures

Unmatched safety profile

No need for inventory of metal plates in different sizes


The innovaton is a universal product but specifically suitable for complex shattered fractures.


Recommended indication: Hand, distal radius, ankle, maxillofacial and craniotomy.

How to apply

On site, application

Apply Adhfix_edited.jpg

Short handling time

6-7 min oblique fracture and 8-10 min for multifragment fracture


D. J. Hutchinson, V. Granskog, J. von Kieseritzky, H. Alfort, P. Stenlund, Y. Zhang, M. Arner, J. Håkansson, M. Malkoch, ”Highly Customizable Bone Fracture Fixation through the Marriage of Composites and Screws” Adv. Funct. Mater. 2021, 2105187 (doi: 10.1002/adfm.202105187).

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