The surgery will never be the same

Bonevolent™ AdhFix

AdhFix can adapt to any bone shape and possesses high load-bearing properties. As an implant, AdhFix takes leverage of mechanical fixators and eliminate the use of metal plates. The product has excellent compatibility to soft tissue, thereof minimizing adverse effects associated to standard-of-care metal plates.

Bonevolent™ DendroPrime

DendroPrime is an innovative bone-like coating with excellent soft tissue compatibility. 

DendroPrime adds value to standard-of-care metal fixators by enabling minimal tissue-adhesions and complications thereof to avoid patient suffering and societal burdening.

Bonevolent™ FRAP

FRAP is an innovative adhesive fixator that has excellent soft tissue compatibility and provide topological support to fractures independent of complexity without the need of harsh mechanical drilling and fixation procedures that typically is accompanied with current metal plates and screws treatments.