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Ulrik Birgersson joins Biomedical Bonding as Chief Medical Affairs Officer

Biomedical Bonding is happy to announce that Ulrik Birgersson will join the company as its Head of Clinical and Medical Affairs. This recruitment is of importance for BMB and as part of its organizational expansion towards the commercialization of the company’s Bonevolent™ products suited for bone fracture fixations and dental restorations.

Biomedical Bonding AB intends to establish a new paradigm in bone fracture fixation and restoration surgery based on its technological platform Bonevolent™ - bone-like medical adhesives and composite implants. Collectively, the Bonevolent™ products aims at providing surgeons with unprecedented freedom-to-operate to patient individualize implants during the treatment with emphasis on improved surgical outcome.

Founder and CEO, Prof. Michael Malkoch comments:

BMB aims at being the first MedTech company to provide the best solution for the treatment of bone fractures, and in this context, by enabling surgeons to customize implants during surgery to fit the patients need. Consequently, the company has its optics locked at validating its products in human clinical trials prior to commercialization. With Ulrik Birgersson onboard, having a multi-year experience in clinical trial applications of MedTech products, BMB is now more prepared to pursue the necessary clinical validations of next-generation fracture fixation products.

BMB’s Head of Clinical and Medical Affairs, Dr. Ulrik Birgersson comments

The technology has untapped possibilities to improve on patient outcome and allow for a paradigm shift in fracture fixation. I am happy to join the company at this exciting stage of growth and look forward to help accelerate the process of commercialization and build on the company’s body of evidence.

More about Ulrik Birgersson can be found bellow:

Ulrik Birgersson has a PhD from Karolinska Institutet and have over fifteen years' experience from the life science industry with a focus on pre-clinical and clinical studies and trial applications, including administration of applications and reporting to and communication with medical agencies such as, for example, the American pharmaceutical authority, the FDA. Prior to joining Biomedical Bonding, Ulrik was Director Clinical and Medical Affairs at OssDsign AB and Director of Clinical Engineering at SciBase AB.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Malkoch, Founder and CEO

Phone: +46 (0) 8 121 56 755


About Biomedical Bonding AB

Biomedical Bonding AB aims to introduce a new paradigm in bone fracture and restoration surgery via our composite resin technology Bonevolent™. With customizable implant treatments focused on tissue-friendliness and safety, we want to improve the surgical outcome and enhance the patient life quality. Its simplicity provides surgeons with earlier unmet freedom-to-operate to master each individual fracture independent of complexity. BMB is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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