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Biomedical Bonding presents at Redeye Innovative Orthopedic

On March 21, Evelina Mikaelson, CEO, presents the latest developments in the company at Redeye. The presentation is live broadcasted and can be followed at where the replay and the presentations will be available afterwards.

For more information, please contact:

Evelina Mikaelson

CEO Biomedical Bonding AB

Phone: +46 763 422 824



About Biomedical Bonding AB

Biomedical Bonding AB is a Swedish MedTech company that develops cutting-edge medical adhesive fixators and novel surgical methodologies with focus on the ever-growing market of hard tissue restorations. The technological platform, Bonevolent™, is market disruptive and stands for a paradigm shift in personalized surgical interventions. BMB´s vision is to become the dominant global provider of unique adhesive products suited for fracture fixation and dental restoration market. BMB´s Bonevolent™ products are easy-to-use by clinicians, will increase patient safety, save costs and resources for health care and society as a whole. BMB is a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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